Concerto Zelig – 31.10.2018

Vi siamo mancati?! DOOOOON’T WORRY, siamo pronti a lanciarvi il prossimo evento!! –> BE HAPPY!

Tenetevi LIBERI il 31.10.2018: STOICA e Zelig vi invitano CALDAMENTE a VOUS AMUSER sulle note reggae degli JEMANI e rock psichedeliche dei THE YELINS!!

A partire dalle 20h00 le porte IDILLIACHE di Zelig si spalancheranno davanti ai vostri occhi per la MISERABILE cifra di 5 CHF per i NON soci e A GRATIS per SOCI (!!!!!!!!!!! Per questioni organizzative RICORDATEVI di portare le MemberCard: se la dimenticate dovrete pagare l’entrata!!!!!!!!!!!)

Gli JEMANI si esibiranno dalle 20h00 alle 21h15 EEEEEEEE, dopo una pausa di 30 min, i The Yelins vi faranno viaggiare mentalmente negli anni ’60-’70!

QUINDI ….Nessuna scusa, nessun impegno anteriore, niente banane: MERCOLEDÌ 31.10.2018 VI ASPETTIAMO A ZELIG!


See you soon, la vostra #STOICA!


——————————– INFO BAND ——————————


Jemani Jahka was born in 2010 in the deepest part of Ticino (Switzerland) in a small village named Morbio. The sound was founded by Nigel (MC), Lion K (selector) and Sista Jè (selector), who always had a passion for reggae music and sound system culture. Following the reggae activity in Switzerland and north Italy, the group started performing all-over Ticino and kept the reggae movement alive. In the mean time they learned more and more about soundclashes and began to voice some dubplates.
By one year later the trio recruited two more members: Seerveeo (MC) and BigFoot (selector, sound engineer), who brought something new to the sound and helped to make them dub box stronger.
In 2013 the crew took part in his first official soundclash in Bergamo (IT), an event for young sounds named “Mortal Kombat”. Despite the defeat, the experience made them grow and inspire for new challenges.
In 2014 Jemani Jahka represented Ticino at the first edition of the “Fight Club Soundclash” in Lausanne (CH), against High Pressa sound. The team won three rounds straight and took the trophy before the DubfiDub.
One year and a half later Jemani Jahka touches down in Geneva (CH) to win them second title at the “Death Around the Corner”. The crew defeated Reggaematik (FR), Bad Yard (CH) and Slapshot International (FR).
The third trophy came on November 2k15 by winning the “War Pon Di Border Soundclash” in Cantù ( Italy).
Nowadays the group keeps operating all around the Country and in north Italy, always ready to make people enjoy themselves with their finest and varied selections, the show is guaranteed!
The deep passion for reggae music and soundclash culture, and also the good chemistry among the group, make Jemani Jahka an interesting sound from several points of view.
–> https://www.facebook.com/pg/jemanijahkasound/about/?ref=page_internal


Through his modern kaleidoscope and at the command of his handmade guitar, Laurentz Lozano, mastermind and sensitive heart of The Yelins, plunges us into the abyss of psychedelic rock that blends itself with finesse to the instant beauty of its pop melodies.
Surrounded by his band, straight out the golden age of British rock, a startling image and electrifying stage presence instantly draws the audience to their original live perfomances.
The Yelins and its powerfull Kaleidopop will provide you with its psychotropic effect, leaving you begging for more.
–> https://www.facebook.com/pg/theyelins/about/?ref=page_internal


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